Led there be light!
A contempo chandelier, made of welded metallic structural arms with LED lights on each of its extremities.
Now available in S, M and L sizes.

Conceived as a 2D plane that, by repeating and turning within itself at a 90 degree angle, would create such a volume. The Optimus lamp forms, play with the light within itself before releasing it into the surrounding. Showcasing by this a captivating piece, which is more than a chandelier, is a piece of art.

Suspended by 4 adjustable cables which help adapt the chandelier´s height onto the given ceiling. Designed to reduce energy consumption. Ambiance Light.


Welded iron tubes

  Small w:99 d:99 h:56 cm Starting at 6.600€
  Medium w:99 d:99 h:86 cm Starting at 7.900€
  Large w:99 d:99 h:116 cm Starting at 8.500€

Taxes may apply

In the making

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